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Natan & Associates, LLC is a financial consulting firm specializing in providing critical interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services to both public and private companies of varying sizes and in a variety of industries. We bring to the table our solid and extensive experience, operational knowledge, and trusted resources to help companies in need of short-term solutions to their long-term financial management needs. From established public and private corporations, to small and start-up businesses, our clients rely on Natan & Associates, LLC.

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Needs An Interim CFO:
  1. Unexpected temporary or permanent loss of a company's CFO during critical reporting, registration and fund raising activities where sufficient properly trained back-up doesn't exist or is not readily available.
  2. A company with a promising new product lacks the proper internal financial expertise to present the company's business plan in a manner that potential investors are accustomed to seeing.
  3. A company has grown very quickly and has "outgrown" the capabilities of its present CFO or controller, however, this individual has entrenched himself and has not documented his/her processes making the hiring of a successor very problematic.
  4. Your company CEO is looking for an independent assessment of the talent level of his/her accounting department from someone who has direct hands-on experience in the day to day duties of that particular individual.
  5. Your company needs restructuring.
  6. Your company needs help because it is a start-up or until it is sold.
  7. Your company only needs high-level assistance on an interim basis.
  8. Your company needs to move quickly on a high-level project.
  9. Your company has only just grown to the size where you need a controller or CFO.
  10. Your company has an uncertain future, making it difficult to attract the right individual for the CFO position.

Why choose us? These Top 10 Reasons offer only a few examples of how Natan & Associates, LLC can come in and "hit the ground running" for your company. Don't struggle on your own - our experts can provide unparalleled results and strategic support when you need us the most.

For more information about how Natan & Associates, LLC can help in your business, call us at 954-749-9499 or contact us today.


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